Dental Aligners


Muccioli Dental is a trusted source for clear dental aligners and adult braces in Johns Creek. Our comprehensive dental practice offers both the Insignia Clearguide™ Express Aligner system and the Simpli5™ Express Aligner System. Both of these innovative systems can be used to help you achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile, without having to wear traditional metal braces.

If you have always wanted a straighter, more attractive smile, but have not wanted to put up with the hassle of wearing traditional metal braces, you are not alone. Every year, many adults in the United States achieve a straighter, more attractive smile using a clear aligner system as opposed to traditional metal braces. Clear aligners are comfortable to wear and do not alter your appearance like traditional braces. In fact, you may be the only one who knows that you are wearing them. They can also be removed while brushing and flossing your teeth and this leads to improved oral hygiene.

If you are interested in straightening primarily the teeth that show when you smile and you do not need significant changes to your bite, a clear aligner system may be a good solution for you. Call Muccioli Dental today and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists to find out if you are a candidate for this life-changing dental service.

If you are interested in clear aligners to straighten your teeth, please call Muccioli Dental at (678) 389-9955 or contact our Dental Aligners Specialists today. Our dentists, Drs. Lydia and Randy Muccioli are currently accepting new patients. Our office accepts most dental insurances as well as several other forms of payment. We also offer financing made available by CareCredit. Call Muccioli Dental today and let our family serve your family with a lifetime of quality dental care!