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Does Thumb Sucking Mean Braces?

To help establish proper feeding, babies are born with a natural sucking reflex. However, this behavior often dissipates after about 4 months and becomes a soothing mechanism for many babies. The pacifier is often introduced to satisfy the sucking reflex and help a baby soothe or fall asleep. Some babies, however, “find their thumb” as…

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How a Bad Bite Can Impact Oral Health

Malocclusion is the dental term used to describe a “bad” or incorrect bite, or when the top teeth do not fit properly on the bottom teeth when you bite down. There are many factors that can contribute to malocclusion, such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw. While some cases of malocclusion may…

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The Danger of DIY Dentistry

There is a reason why dentists exist. A board-certified dentist undergoes years of specialized training to be able to properly care for your teeth and gums. From oral health issues to cosmetic improvements, your smile should be handled by someone who carries the necessary credentials and qualifications to do so. Unless you are a dentist…

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