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Should You Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Not everyone feels comfortable in the dental chair. If anxiety or fear is keeping you from receiving the dental care you need, sedation dentistry should be considered. Whether you are simply nervous about a long dental procedure or feel paralyzed with fear at the thought of getting your teeth cleaned, it is important to know…

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Flossing for Your Health

Most of us have managed to make teeth brushing a normal part of our daily routines, but if you’re one of the nearly 20 percent of Americans who opt out of flossing, you could be doing some serious damage to both your oral health and overall health. We forego this important health habit for many…

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Are you the family member that no one wants to share a room with because of your loud snoring? While snoring is often discussed in a light-hearted manner, it can also be a symptom of a sleep apnea – a sleep condition that is quite serious. Left untreated sleep apnea can affect your health, leaving…

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Does Your Dentist Offer Emergency Dental Care?

Dental problems aren’t always predictable, but most of them need attention right away. If your dentist doesn’t offer emergency, same-day dental services, you may need to reconsider who is caring for your smile. Muccioli Dental is proud to be a trusted sourced for emergency dentistry. Whether it is a sudden toothache or a chipped tooth,…

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Is Mouthwash Necessary? 

It is advertised in magazines. There are commercials for it during your favorite TV shows. You are even bombarded with options every time you walk down the oral care aisle at your grocery store. But is mouthwash really necessary? The answer is more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no”. For those who floss daily,…

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How a Bad Bite Can Impact Oral Health

Malocclusion is the dental term used to describe a “bad” or incorrect bite, or when the top teeth do not fit properly on the bottom teeth when you bite down. There are many factors that can contribute to malocclusion, such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw. While some cases of malocclusion may…

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The Perks of “One Stop Dental Care”

Whether you are raising a family or climbing the corporate ladder (or both), life can get quickly get hectic. If there is an option to reduce your time, effort and money without sacrificing quality, it’s appealing. When it comes to dental care for you and your family, that means choosing a dentist that offers “one…

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